About EME Holdings

EME Holdings was founded in 2005 by Mr Emmanuel Phalanndwa with the vision of growing the company’s disciplines in various civil constructions types of projects. With over 10 years of experience, EME Holdings now has lived its founding member’s vision- with participation in more than six disciplines in the construction sector.

EME Holdings is a wholly black-owned Civil Engineering construction company. It is a leader in road
construction and rehabilitation, building infrastructure development, water and sewer pipelines, concrete structures and the supplier of materials to the construction industry.

The company operates a detailed quality control and assurance programme based on the requirements and components of ISO 9000/2000 specifications one of the objectives of EME Holdings is to exceed client expectations and also ensure undoubted client satisfaction. This is achieved by consistently meeting the requirements of the project with regards to applicable standards and specifications.

EME Holdings has a wealth of experience to meet the demand of the industry with over 10 years of experience in construction. The professional origin of EME Holdings dictates that the absolute basis of any service we provide is driven by a desire and motivation of projects that require a range of national skills incorporating sensitive leadership, excellent communication abilities and above average professional capabilities.

We are confident that we have this blend of skills for success. We have proved to be flexible as far as new government initiatives are concerned. We are fully compliant with skills training initiatives as well as with employment equity and black economic empowerment requirements.